Adams Douglas The hitchhikers guide to the galaxy / the restaurant at the end of the universe
Aerosmith Bootleg 1978 live
Al di Meola John McLaughlinPaco de Lucia Friday Night in San Franzisco 1981 live
Al di Meola John McLaughlinPaco di Lucia Friday night in San Francisco 1981 live
Al di Meola John McLaughlinPaco di Lucia Passion Grace & Fire 1983
Amampondo Uzandibiza 1983 live
Amampondo Heartbeat of Africa 1983 live
America Greatest Hits 1975
America live 1977 live
Anderson Eric Ghosts upon the Road 1990
Armatrading Joan 1976
Armatrading Joan Track Record 1976
Armatrading Joan Show some emotion 1977
Armatrading Joan Me Myself 1980
Astley Rick Whenever you need somebody 1987 mark
Bad Company 1974
Bad Company Best of 1985
Band The The last Waltz 1978
BAP fŁr usszeschnigge 1981
BAP von drinne noch drusse 1982
Barcley James Harvest Concert for the people 1982
Batt Mike Tarot Suite 1979
Beatles The Red Album 1965
Beatles The Sgt. Peppers lonely hearts club band 1967
Beatles The Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club band 1967
Beatles The White Album 1968
Beatles The Abbey Road 1969
Beggars Opera Waters of change
Big Country The crossing 1983 mark
Blood Sweat & Tears Greatest Hits 1972
Blood Sweat & Tears Latin Fire 1985
Bowie David Stage 1978 live
Bowie David Hunky Dory 1990 re-release
Bowie David Space Oddity 1969
Brel Jaques Alive&well&living in Paris 1967
Brel Jaques 1977
Brickell Edie & the new Bohemians Shooting rubberbands at stars 1988
Brickhill Joan Meropa 1974 live
Burning rome Burning Rome 1982
Bush Kate Lionheart 1978
Cale CC Troubadour 1976
Cale J.J. Really 1972
Cale J.J. 5" 1979
Cale J.J. Shades 1981
Capaldi Jim Fierce Heart 1982
Cars The Greatest Hits 1985
Cats The One way Wind 1971
Chaka Chaka Yvonne Sangoma
Chapman Tracy 1988
Chapman Tracy 1988
Chess 1985 mark
Chicago 1972
Clannad Macalla 1986
Clannad Sirius 1987
Clegg Johnny Third World Child 1985 mark
Clegg Johnny Savuka 1989 mark
Cobham Billy Magic 1977
Cockburn Bruce Stealing fire 1984
Cocker Joe Luxury you can afford 1978
Cocker Joe The Best of 1985
Cocker Joe Unchain my heart 1987 mark
Cocker Joe Sheffield Steel 1982
Cocker Joe Sheffield Steel 1982
Cohen Leonard Songs from a room 1969
Cooper Alice School's out 1972
Costello Elvis Imperial Bedroom 1982
Croce Jim Sampler 1988
Croce Jim His Greatest Hits 1988
Crosby Stills Nash 1973
Crosby Stills Nash & Young Deja Vu 1970
Crosby Stills Nash & Young 4 way street 1973
Crosby Stills Nash & Young So far 1974 cover by Joni Mitchell
Daltrey Roger 1973
Damone Vic Angela Mia
Davies Miles live
De Burgh Chris The getaway 1982
De Burgh Chris Eastern Wind 1980
Debussy Claude
Debussy /Ravel La Mer 1963
Deep Purple April 1969
Deep Purple in Rock 1970
Deep Purple Machine Head 1972
Deep Purple Stormbringer 1974
Deep Purple Burn 1974
Deep Purple In Concert 1980 live
Deep Purple Perfect Strangers 1984
Denver John Greatest Hits 1973
Denver John an evening with 1975
Di Meola Al Casino 1978
Dire Straits 1978
Dire Straits 1978
Dire Straits Communique 1979
Dire Straits Love over Gold 1982
Dire Straits Alchemy 1983 live
Dire Straits Alchemy 1984 live
Dire Straits Brothers in arms 1989
Donovan Sampler 1980
Doors The Greatest Hits 1980
Doors The Sampler
Dylan Bob 1973
Dylan Bob 1973
Dylan Bob Blood on the Tracks 1974
Dylan Bob Street Legal 1978
Dylan Bob Budokhan 1978 live
Dylan Bob Slow train coming 1979
Dylan Bob Shot of Love 1981
Dylan Bob Infidels 1983
Dylan Bob Autobiography
Dylan Bob Desire 1975
Dylan Bob  mpire burlesque 1985
Dylan Bob & the Band Before the Flood 1974 live
Electric Light Orchestra Secret Messages 1983 mark
Electric Light Orchestra Discovery 1987 mark
Eloy Power and the Passion 1975
Emerson Lake & Palmer 1971
Emerson Lake & Palmer Pictures at an exhibition 1972
Emerson Lake & Palmer Works 1977
Etheridge Melissa 1988
Etheridge Melissa Brave & Crazy 1989
Etheridge Melissa Brave & Crazy 1989
Feliciano Jose 1986
Flack Roberta Oasis 1988
Fleetwood Mac 1975
Focus 3" 1972
Frumpy By the way 1972
Gabriel Peter Passion Realworld 1989
Gabriel Peter Salisbury Hills 1977
Gaynor Gloria Greatest Hits 1980
Genesis From Genesis to Revelation 1969
Genesis Trespass 1970
Genesis Nursery Crime 1971
Genesis Foxtrot 1972
Genesis Foxtrot 1972
Genesis Selling England by the pound 1973
Genesis live 1973 live
Genesis live 1973 live
Genesis The Lamb lies down on Broadway 1974
Genesis Wind & Wuthering 1976
Genesis 1983
Graces The Perfect View 1989
Grapelli Stephan On the road 1975
Gumede Sipho Thank you for listening 1990
Guthrie Arlo Alices Restaurant 1967
Hagen Nina & Band 1978
Hair 1968
Hancock Herbie Lite me up 1982
Haynes Dick Moondreams
Hoffman Klaus Ich will Gesang will Spiel und Tanz 1977
Hogson Roger Hai Hai 1987 new
Holiday Billie Sampler 1975 live
Holly Buddy Story mark
Houston Whitney 1985
Human League Hysteria 1984 mark
Ian Janis Miracle Row 1977
Icehouse 1981 mark
Ipi 'n Tombia The Warrior 1973 mark
Jackson Joe Night & Day 1982
Jackson Joe Night & Day 1982
Jackson Joe Body & Soul 1984
Jackson Joe Body & Soul 1984
Jackson Michael Thriller 1982 mark
Jagger Mick She's the boss 1985
Jarre Jean Michel Oxygene 1976 mark
Jesus Christ Superstar 1970
Jesus Christ Superstar 1973
Jethro Tull Living in the past 1972
Jethro Tull Thick as a Brick 1972
Jethro Tull Aqualung 1974
Jethro Tull Minstrel in the Gallery 1975
Jethro Tull Too old to rock'n'roll: too young to die ! 1976
Jethro Tull Heavy Horses 1978
Jethro Tull Heavy Horses 1978
Jethro Tull Stormwatch 1979
Jethro Tull Broadsword 1982
Joel Billy Piano Man 1973
Joel Billy The Stranger 1977
John Elton Captain Fantastic and the brown dirt Cobboy 1975
Joplin Janis Pearl 1971
Joplin Janis In Concert 1972 live
Juluka Universal Man 1979 mark
Juluka Scatterlings 1982
Juluka Work for all 1983
Juluka The international tracks 1984
King Carole Tapestry 1971
King Carole Rhymes&Reasons 1972
King Carole Music 1972
King Carole Fantasy 1973
King Carole Thoroughbred 1976
King Carole Thoroughbred 1976
King Carole Simple Things 1977
Klaatu 1977
Klugh Earl Finger Paintings 1977
Lauper Cindy True Colors 1986
Led Zeppelin 1969
Led Zeppelin Zoso 1971
Led Zeppelin Zozo 1971
Lennon John Imagine 1988
Lennon John Shaved Fish 1971
Lindenberg Udo Alles Klar auf der Andrea Doria 1973
Lindisfarne Nicely out of tune 1970
Lindisfarne fog on the tyne 1972
Lobo Of a simple man 1972
Loose Ends look how long 1990
Lord John Sarabande 1976
Lord John Sarabande 1976
Magnum Mirador 1985
Marillion Seasons end 1989
Marley Bob The legend 1984 mark
Marley Bob The legend 1984
Marley Bob Natty Dread 1990 mark
Marley Bob & the wailers Kaya 1978
McLean Don the very best 1980
McLean Don The very best 1980 mark
McLean Don Belivera 1981
Meat loaf Bat out of hell 1977
Metheny Pat Watercolors 1977
Middler Bette Live at last 1977 live
Mitchell Joni Blue 1971
Mitchell Joni Chalk Mark in a rain storm 1988
Mitchell Joni Night Ride home 1991
Moody Blues The Every boy deserves favour 1971
Moody Blues The Out of this world 1979
Moore Gary Run for cover 1985
Moore Gary Still got the blues 1990
Moore Gary Wild Frontier 1987
Mothers Finest Another mother further 1978
Mothers Finest live 1979 live
Mott the hoople 1974
Moussorgsky Pictures at an exibition 1970
Moustaki Georges Declaration 1973
Moustaki Georges Declaration 1973
Moustaki Georges
Nevic Robbie A Place like this 1988
Nice The sampler 1977
Nicol Jonny Traces 1979
Papetti Fausto Greensleeves 1969
Pavloy's Dog Pampered Menial 1975
Peterson Oscar Piano Giant 1975
Pink Floyd Floyd Works 1983 mark
Pink Floyd Dark side of the moon 1973 mark
Pink Floyd Dark side of the moon 1973
Pink Floyd Wish you were here 1975
Pink Floyd The final cut 1983 mark
Pink Floyd A momentary lapse of reason 1987
Police The Outlandos d'amour 1979
Police Regatta de Blanc 1979 mark
Police Ghost in a machine 1979 mark
Pop shop 32 1986 mark
Procul Harum A salty dog/Shine on brightely 1968
Queen A night at the Opera 1975
Queen A night at the opera 1975
Queen A day at the races 1976
Queen News of the world 1977
Rainbow Rising 1977
Rea Chris Shamrock Diaries 1985 mark
Renaissance Novella 1977
Rios Miguel A Song of Joy 1970
Rocky Horror picture show 1975 mark
Rocky Horror picture show 1975
Sade Promise 1985
Sade Stronger than pride 1988
Santa Esmeralda Donít let me be misunderstood
Santana Charlos Festival 1977
Santana Charlos Moonflower 1977 live
Santana Charlos Viva 1988 live
Santana Charlos Sampler
Sarstedt Peter The Best of.. 1975 mark
Schneider with the kick Helen Exposed 1982
Seeger Bob Born in the USA 1984 mark
Seeger Bob & the silver bullet band Live bullet 1975 live
Sheila Romance 1600 1985 mark
Simon Charly Come upstairs 1980
Simon Paul incl. " Duncan" 1971
Simon Paul Hearts and Bones 1983
Simon Paul Graceland 1986
Simon Paul Greatest Hits 1986
Simon Paul Sampler
Simon & Garfunkel Bookends 1968
Simon & Garfunkel Bookends 1968
Simon & Garfunkel Bridge over troubled water 1969
Simon & Garfunkel Sampler 1981
Slade alive 1972 live
Slade Sounds like Slade
Smith Patty Wave 1979
Springsteen Bruce Born in the USA 1984
Springsteen Bruce Born in the USA 1984
Steeleye Span All around my hat 1975
Steely Dan Pretzel Logic 1974
Steely Dan Aja 1977
Steely Dan Cant buy a thrill 1977
Stevens Cat Mona Bone Jakon 1970
Stevens Cat Catch bull at four 1972
Stevens Cat Foreigner 1973
Stevens Cat Foreigner 1973
Stevens Cat Izitso 1977
Stevens Cat Teaser & the firecat 1979
Stevens Cat Teaser & the firecat 1979
Stevens Cat Tea for the Tillerman 1983
Stevens Cat Teaser & the firecat 1983
Stevens Cat Footsteps in the dark 1984
Stevens Cat Buddha and the chocolate box
Steward Al Year of the cat 1976
Steward Rod Sing it again Rod 1973
Steward Rod Collection 1979 mark
Stewart Al Time Passages 1978
Sting The dream of the blue Turtles 1985
Sting Nothing like the sun 1987
Stranglers The La folie 1981
Strawbs Brave new world 1972
Strawbs Bursting at the seams 1973
Strawbs Ghosts 1974
Strawbs Deep cuts 1976
Strawbs Deadlines 1978
Strawbs Sampler
Summer Donna Once upon a time 1977
Summer Donna All system go 1987
Taylor James First Album 1968
Taylor James Greatest Hits 1976
Texas Southside 1989 mark
Top Gun 1986 mark
T'Pau Rage
Trent d'Arby Terence Introducing the hard line 1987
Triumvirat Old Loves die hard 1976
Triumvirat Russian Roulette 1980
Turner Ike&Tina The very best of 1975
Turner Tina Private Dancer 1983
Turner Tina Break every rule 1986
Turner Tina ForeignAffair 1989
UB40 1988 mark
UB40 Labour of Love 1989 mark
Uriah Heep Demons Wizards 1972
Uriah Heep Look at yourself 1990
Vega Suzanne Solitude Standing 1987
Waits Tom Heart attack and vine 1980
Waits Tom Rain Dogs 1985
Wakeman Rick The six wives of Henry VIII 1972
Wakeman Rick The six wives of Henry VIII 1972
Wakeman Rick Juni 1984
Walkabouts The New West Motel 1993
Warwick Dionne Golden Hits 1971
Watanabe Sadao Madisha 1985
Waynes Jeff War of the world
Wham make it big 1984 mark
Wheather Report 1982
Who The live at leeds 1970 live
Who The who's next 1971
Who The Who's next 1971
Who The Quadrophenia 1973
Wilson Clarence Meropa 1974 live
Wishbone Ash Argus 1972
Wonder Stevie The secret live of plants 1974
Yes Yesterdays 1974
Yes Big
Yes Tomato
Yes Close to the edge
Young Neil After the goldrush 1970
Young Neil Harvest 1972
Young Neil & Crazy horse Rust never sleeps 1979
Moonlight Piano
Songs at twilight