Triple Murder Mkona Pressestimmen( Landrino, Petronella, Latoya, Thando, Charmaine Mkona)

Media Reports / Pressestimmen :

Lindiwe Michelle Mkona outside the Cape Town High court. Artikel by: Fouzia van der Fort from the Argus
The Voice The Argus on the beginning of the trial
The Argus reports straight after the judgment fromt the Cape High court /
The Argus reports on the upcoming trial in the Cape High Court. /
I only found this recently and article from CITY VISION Western Cape with a lot of detail. /
The Goverment talks... / Die Burger / Cape Talk / more from Cape Talk /
Radio 702 / The ACDP / Live Blogs / Die Burger /
Hyscience / Iafrica / Cape Argus:Norman Joseph reports / Cape Argus: Aziz Hartley reports/
Pro Live News / Some greek Website / Feminine / Some greek Website /

A late report from the funeral:

Ironically the way the photo is displayed it appears that Thando is Ringo Madlingozi son even though Thanda is hiding in his arms. The funeral: Shows Ringo Madlingozi with Thando and Thanda Mkona Latest update from Norman Joseph Landrino Paulo gets his bail money back The Voice The Capetimes The Voice The Voice The Voice The Voice The Voice Interview with Ringo The Voice The Voice The Voice The Voice The Argus The Voice The Voice The Voice The Voice The Argus Die Burger Cape Times Landrino Landrino